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Things to see in Cardiff
Men sparkle
fiwen1010 wrote in tw_tourists
To liven this place up a bit, now I've returned from the annual spring clean that ate me, it's time for a discussion post. I know, I spoil you all.

So, I'd like to know what your top five or ten or fifty things to do in Cardiff are. What you came and did and why you think other people should do it, or what you want to do when you come to Cardiff. Anything you can think of, especially if you've found something cool and obscure.

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That's a lot to fit into two trips! Sounds like you made the most of it. I love the time-travel feeling of the city too.

The Doctor Who exhibition they have in London is coming to Cardiff sometime this Spring. There was also talk of a Torchwood exhibition, but I don't know whether that will happen.

Do you remember where the fish and chip shop was? I keep trying to get to the one down by the Bay, but I keep arriving after it shuts.

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