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Things to see in Cardiff
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fiwen1010 wrote in tw_tourists
To liven this place up a bit, now I've returned from the annual spring clean that ate me, it's time for a discussion post. I know, I spoil you all.

So, I'd like to know what your top five or ten or fifty things to do in Cardiff are. What you came and did and why you think other people should do it, or what you want to do when you come to Cardiff. Anything you can think of, especially if you've found something cool and obscure.

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I've been to Cardiff twice, both times as a daytrip from a longer trip to London.

-Cardiff Castle was wonderful, best part of both my trips. The tour is great and interesting (and different on different trips), the mansion is beautiful as are the grounds, and there's an absolutely great view from the top of the ruin-y bit. It's one of my favorite castles.

-In a slightly more Doctor Who-y fashion, parts of Cardiff really do feel like traveling in time. There's that castle, but other parts of the city look so modern, and even futuristic. It's a really great, surreal sort of thing. When we were headed towards the castle the first time, we were sure we were going the wrong way, because it just looked like a completely average main road until BAM! There's a castle!

-I'm not sure if the Doctor Who museum they had is still there. It was pretty good, but now that they've got the Doctor Who Experience in London, it doesn't really compare. When I went to the exhibition it was extremely Tennant focused (he was the Doctor at the time), with a tiny bit of Nine, and practically nothing pre-RTD. Still, it was lots of fun. The gift shop was surprisingly bad though. The only action figures they had were Martha and Spacesuit!Ten. I got some magnets and a deck of playing cards.

-The Welsh Street Signs! Those were amazing, and so much fun! Also, all the bilingual announcements in the busses were loads and loads of fun. There was even a talking elevator that spoke both English and Welsh. Welsh is such a fun looking language, and it really added a flavor to the whole place that was very whimsical. I'd like to learn Welsh. I bought a 'how to pronounce Welsh' book. The word for library was especially amusing.

-Torchwood Plass was incredible. It was just... right there, and exactly how it looked on TV. The second time I went was with my Dad, who I watched Torchwood with, and it was just really fun to be together and take pictures there.

-Just walking around, and going into shops & restaurants and even the train station, and knowing 'David Tennant and Russell T. Davies have probably been where I'm standing' was very cool. (The most cool 'A celebrity I like has been here' place for me was actually the Globe in London. The fact that they filmed Doctor Who there, and such a fun episode too, was just great.)

-It's right on the ocean, so obviously the fish is really good. We ended up in a pretty good fish & chips place. Don't remember what it's called though.

So, yeah. Cardiff is fun. I'd love to see some of the rest of Wales. Doctor Who was the reason for my first trip there, but it's a good place on its own. I enjoyed the non-Doctor Who things (Castle and Signs) better than the Doctor Who ones.

That's a lot to fit into two trips! Sounds like you made the most of it. I love the time-travel feeling of the city too.

The Doctor Who exhibition they have in London is coming to Cardiff sometime this Spring. There was also talk of a Torchwood exhibition, but I don't know whether that will happen.

Do you remember where the fish and chip shop was? I keep trying to get to the one down by the Bay, but I keep arriving after it shuts.

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