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Things to see in Cardiff
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fiwen1010 wrote in tw_tourists
To liven this place up a bit, now I've returned from the annual spring clean that ate me, it's time for a discussion post. I know, I spoil you all.

So, I'd like to know what your top five or ten or fifty things to do in Cardiff are. What you came and did and why you think other people should do it, or what you want to do when you come to Cardiff. Anything you can think of, especially if you've found something cool and obscure.

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Doctor Who Exhibition (I think it's still there)
The Water Tower/Torchwood Tower
Torchwood's Tourist Office front
Cardiff Castle
Dyffryn Gardens - Used in Doctor Who, Torchwood and SJA
The shopping areas in central Cardiff are nice, various Torchwood bits around plus some filming locations

Outside of Cardiff:
Barry Island which is probably accessible by bus from Cardiff as it's really close. Been used in all three shows, although probably best known for Gavin and Stacey these days. Has a beach, fairground/theme park and shops.
Capherilly Castle
Penarth, especially the pier which was used in Torchwood and SJA
Castell Coch - Appeared in a couple of Doctor Who eps plus loads of other stuff

http://www.torchwoodlocations.com/ is a really useful website for those wanting to see locations, there is also http://www.doctorwholocations.net/ which covers Torchwood as well as Doctor Who and SJA.

The Doctor Who exhibition is now closed unfortunately. However, I think there are plans for the Doctor Who Experience to move to Cardiff after the 2012 Olympics

That's a pity, I'm guessing the stuff from the exhibition got moved to London for the Doctor Who Experience?

Ye such a shame :(

Probably. Hopefully the Experience will be moved to Cardiff nice and quickly. They said it would be in 2012, but these things usually take longer than planned

The sites are really useful, thanks for the links. And there's so many castles down there - they're great to see

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