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Motivation survey
Men sparkle
fiwen1010 wrote in tw_tourists
This is the first survey.

ETA: Where there's a scale for ranking, 1 is least important and 10 is most important. Thanks to those who pointed this out to me.

Survey has been cut for lengthCollapse )

If you can, please use the comments to explain a little of your reasons for your answers. Detailed poll results are only available to me.

The main reason I would want to visit Cardiff is because of Torchwood, but it wouldn't be the only reason. I just want to see everything. I want to visit the castles, see the countryside, watch rugby (pref NZ V Wales, but not picky). TW would draw me there, though. I have to go to the Shrine. See the spots where filming took place. Watch Blue Gillespie perform - yeah, I know they're not TW, but it's because of TW that I know of them at all.

There is so much to see though, that I would never have known about if it weren't for TW - and DW.

I hope you get the chance to come over here and see it. What do you want to see most?

I visited Cardiff because of Torchwood. That was the initial idea. But of course I always travel with the thought of really educating myself about the history and the cities I see. So Torchwood was only the initial motivation and while we enjoyed visiting the bay and being geeky about it all, we also saw the city and visited other landmarks.

There's so much to see there, isn't there? Did you get to see a lot of the locations?

I live on the other side of the world (NZ) and when I get back to finish my tour of the UK and Europe (aborted in Jan 1988 due to broken leg skiing in Austria) Cardiff will be on my list of UK places to visit.

Torchwood would be a big part of that for me but I also really really really want to be there to see the All Blacks play Wales in rugby. Cardiff Arms park is gone now isn't it? Do they play in the Millenium Centre? I could see me there for a game geekily thinking "The Hub is underneath me."

Would also like to see the Who exhibition

The broken leg sucks :( I hope you get to come back soon.

They play at the Milennium Stadium up in the centre of town, I think. Nice boat ride from the Bay if the weather's nice.

When I first went to Cardiff when I was about 13, I think, I just said to my parents I wanted to go to Cardiff because of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Being in Britain we had done a lot of England, so my family were happy to go. The main motivation was for Doctor Who/Torchwood but we didn't solely to do stuff to do with that, we ended up doing a few castles and bits when we actually went. Would we have gone if it hadn't been for Doctor Who/Torchwood? Probably not. Did we just do Doctor Who/Torchwood stuff? No, we did a lot more things.

There's a lot to do and see there, isn't there? What was your favourite thing you did?

I am from Germany. I visited Cardiff in 2010 and 2011. My main reason each time was to go to the concert of John Barrowman, but even though he performed at many venues, including Royal Albert Hall in London, my friends and me chose Cardiff - of course because of the connection to "Torchwood" and also "Doctor Who". It was lovely to see the places from TV in real live, and I definitely will be back one day.

At the concert I met fans as far as from USA and Australia, so yes, that is a huge draw.

People come from so far away to see him, and it's always great to get the chance to get together. Did you see BluCougar in Cardiff last year? She came over from Australia from it.

First time I went to Cardiff was definitely Torchwood motivated - I met up with another fangirl and we did the sights, met up with other fangirl friends then saw JB at the Millenium Centre! A lot of Torchwood fun. We went to

Millenium Centre
Jumped on the step etc
Walked around Mermaid Quay (restaurant where Jack, Rose, 9 and Mickey go to)
The boardwalk (mmmm coffee hijack)
The "Tourist Office" door
National Museum of Wales (location for several eps of DW/TW)
The castle (where John Hart takes Jack)
DW Exhibition
We even found THE bridal shop where Ianto got the wedding dress!

Since then I've been back but for a concert with another friend who is a Welsh girl first and fangirl second so we were far more practical but I still kindof love the place. It will never be as special as it was that first time though with the perfect date, lovely (if freezing!) weather, and the series still fresh and vibrant. :)

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You had a mega Torchwood trip. What was the best bit, do you think?

My sole reason for visiting Cardiff was after seeing it on TW. My best friend and I totally fell in love with the place, so much so that I even considered moving there!

I love how diverse everything is: the people, the social scene, the architecture.

The Bay is awesome. Every time we visit we find some treasure of a place we havent seen before.

Torchwood has a lot to answer for! It is a lovely place, isn't it? I've considered moving there myself. What are the best discoveries you've made, do you think?

I travel to Great Britain every few years. I'd always wanted to go to Wales but just not gotten around to it. Then came Torchwood! In 2010 I traveled to Wales and just saw other parts of Great Britain as pretty much an after thought. Cardiff isn't a top pick/location to visit in any of the guide books I used, but it was my primary tourism target because of Dr. Who and Torchwood. I saw the Dr. Who exhibit, The Wall, the Millenium Center, etc. I found myself spending extra time there just wandering around and resting.

I saw a few castles up north, but missed connections to the male choir practice and a few activities closer to Cardiff. I know I'll go back because I really liked it there and I just wish there was an established tour of Dr Who/Torchwood filming locations I could have taken.

I see Cardiff as a character in the Torchwood universe and Miracle Day kind of killed her off too. I missed her in what I managed to see of the 4th season. I'd watch almost any new sci-fi or other show coming out of there because I've come to appreciate Wales so much more since I began reading fanfiction based on actual Welsh mythology, history, and locations. My own research into these areas has been interesting because I'm a history geek at heart.

Cardiff is a great place, and it's a shame it's not in more of the guidebooks. It's great to see that more people are going there because of Torchwood. And there is a bus tour and a walking tour of locations now, so you definitely have to come back. Or I'll play tourguide for you.

Torchwood just isn't right anywhere else, is it?

I first visited Cardiff because of Torchwood, and I reflected that in my answers to the poll, but since that first time, I went back several times, for different reasons (mostly culture and the fact that I fell in love with the city and people !).

I still try to find a new Torchwood-related place to visit each time, though....

There's so much there to catch you. It's a great city. What's your favourite thing about it?

Glad to see I'm not the only non-UKer to respond to this survey! I have a great desire to visit the UK in general, not just because of Who & TW, although perhaps becoming interested in those shows has strengthened the urge by opening up my knowledge of the countries. I love the Welsh accent, and while I'd get a kick out of visiting Cardiff for TW purposes, I'd also love to see other parts of the country. Even though I don't think they filmed Countrycide in the Brecon Beacons, it sounds from what I've heard to be a nice spot, for example.
Good luck on your studies!

There's responses from all over the place! It's really lovely to see. Is there anything you particularly want to see there?

I'm in America and will likely never have the opportunity to see Cardiff, but the main reason I would like to is because of Torchwood. I want to see the landmarks featured in the show. I want to see Ianto's shrine. Plus, I've simply fallen in love with the historical aspect of the city and Wales itself because of the show.

Never say never :) I hope you get to come over here and see it, and that the shrine is still there.

So, I filled it in (you can remove me later :p)

If I lived close enough/was in Cardiff anyway, I'd probably visit the Doctor Who exhibition (I went to the Liverpool one when I lived there, and when I visited friends in Newcastle I visited the one there, too) as part of it. And if there was something Torchwood-y other than location sites, I might visit that, but it'd never be my primary motivator for visiting. (If I visited Cardiff it'd be for the.. other stuff? That Cardiff might have? It's got snazzy new docks. And a castle.)

I'll put you on my mantelpiece or something.

Can I ask why that is? Are you generally notinterested in visiting locations and stuff, or is it Torchwood and Doctor Who in particular?

I've been reading Torchwood fan fiction to an obsessive extent over the past 8 months or so. I feel really weird and mildly stalker-like responding to this poll but shyness aside, I figured I'd voice an opinion. I'm an American and have never traveled outside the US. And I am geeky enough to admit that my sole reason for initially becoming interested in Wales is Torchwood. Standing on that paving stone is so on my bucket list but I doubt the shrine will still be there by the time I'm able to visit Cardiff. I'm also thoroughly embarrassed to admit that fanfiction widened my interest to visiting Wales in general not just Cardiff. As I've google mapped and wikipedia'd various historical landmarks, towns and other points of interest mentioned in fics, I've discovered that the rest of Wales would be really great to visit as well.

Nice icon XD

Welcome to the poll. Don't feel shy, we're all friends here.

Fanfiction is a great introduction to the wider area. I hope you get to come over here and see stuff. What's on your list, from stuff you've read?

Torchwood is a great motivator to visit, but also family reason as my mum did spend a bit of time as a child in welsh villages, so Torchwood re kindled a desire to see the area. History and historic things are a great interest to me and that would also be a reason to visit I am hoping to go in November but it depends on getting a loan, it's is a long way from home

It's always nice when you have that sort of connection to an area in a show. Which area was she in *nosy*.

I hope you get the loan and get to come over here! Maybe this community will help you to get more information about it and prepare for your trip :)

I visited Cardiff about a month before Children of Earth aired. My grandparents offered to take me with them to Scotland, and on a whim I asked if we could go to Cardiff first. Because my grandmother is both indulgent and rich, she said yes. My motivation for going was entirely because of Torchwood and Doctor Who, and getting to visit the plass and the Millennium Centre and the DW museum were definitely the highlights of the trip for me - though we also did other touristy things; Cardiff Castle and an art museum, shopping and eating at lots of cafes and such, which was also great fun.

Not sure if/when I'll get to go back, but I think I'll always have a nostalgic soft spot for the city.

(ETA: Meant to say, I'm from the States so getting across the pond in general is kind of a Big Deal for me!)

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Good timing to visit it, and sounds like you had a great time. I hope you get to come back.