January 16th, 2012



This community is here to house the research I'm carrying out for my third year dissertation. It will remain here for those interested after I'm finished. Anonymous posting and commenting is allowed, but I would ask that you give me some means to identify you if you're commenting anonymously, so that I can tie comments to results.

My research project is on the influence of Torchwood on tourists' reasons for visiting Cardiff. As a result, it's Torchwood-inspired visits that I'm primarily interested in, but I'm also interested in non-Torchwood inspired visits that include Torchwood activities.

I need as many responses as possible, so please pass this to as many Torchwood fans as you can, join or watch the community to see future posts, and feel free to ask me about anything that's unclear.
Men sparkle

Motivation survey

This is the first survey.

ETA: Where there's a scale for ranking, 1 is least important and 10 is most important. Thanks to those who pointed this out to me.

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If you can, please use the comments to explain a little of your reasons for your answers. Detailed poll results are only available to me.