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The Shrine
fiwen1010 wrote in tw_tourists
The Shrine has come up in a few comments so far, and seems like a popular place to visit. So the question for this week is: What do you think of the Shrine? Have you been to it/do you want to go to it? Would you leave something or have you left something - and what is it/would it be?

What does Ianto's Shrine mean to you?

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I've left something at the shrine (by proxy - one of the savecoffeeboy girls did a mass print and post session) and visited it although as I was with a 'non believer' I wasn't able to take as much time as I wanted to.

Its a strange thing really, I know it sounds like such a daft idea, mourning a fictional character, but to me its more than that. Its a way of saying goodbye to a very special time in my life - Torchwood got me writing, brought me a whole group of friends I would never have met otherwise, it helped me discover my own sexuality through its portrayal of the first (and only) decent Bisexual character I've ever come across, and even introduced me to a woman I still love, even after (like RTD and TW itself) she broke my heart.

Its odd but also feels like if you leave something there it might actually get read or feels more real somehow. If you just email something or send a letter to an agent or fanclub you know full well it will probably never reach them but the shrine has that possibility that one day they will know what the show meant to people and we will get the chance to thank them for it.

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