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Holiday stories
Men sparkle
fiwen1010 wrote in tw_tourists
I just checked the poll results (thank you so much to everyone who's filled it in. You're all awesome) and it looks like about half of the peoplke who've responded have visited Cardiff for Torchwood.

I'm wondering, then, if people would be prepared to share memories of their trips. Even if I was there with you, I still want to know what it was like. There's some stuff come up in the recs post that I've never even heard of (and if you didn't go and recommend things to do, you definitely should). What was awesome, and what was rubbish? And what was the best thing ever?

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I remember my time in Cardiff very fondly. The company might have something do with it. Experiencing Cardiff with other Torchwood fans certainly makes it better.

Strangely enough, the best memory is of all of us (three grown-up women and one teenage girl) screaming our head off because we found a spider in our room. We spent hours laughing about that.

So yeah, I remember that it was a very relaxed trip and well worth repeating.

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