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Holiday stories
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fiwen1010 wrote in tw_tourists
I just checked the poll results (thank you so much to everyone who's filled it in. You're all awesome) and it looks like about half of the peoplke who've responded have visited Cardiff for Torchwood.

I'm wondering, then, if people would be prepared to share memories of their trips. Even if I was there with you, I still want to know what it was like. There's some stuff come up in the recs post that I've never even heard of (and if you didn't go and recommend things to do, you definitely should). What was awesome, and what was rubbish? And what was the best thing ever?

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We've only really been for day trips to Cardiff rather than holidays as such... so we stuck to the Bay. Loved the Doctor Who exhibition when it was there, I also went for a John Barrowman concert.

Best memory... standing on the WRONG stone for the invisible lift on first visit - rectified that at the second visit. I have been to the shrine at the 'Tourist Office' but never actually posted anything. And we have wondered around the bay area, discovering the Captain Scott statue and the pub corner that turned out to be 'Boeshane'... those were my highlights.

But would like to add that what added to it was meeting other fans, people who understand my desire to go... I stood on the wrong stone because my family does not share my fandom and therefore didn't notice i was on the wrong stone ;)

hope this helps

I've been to Cardiff two times, in August 2010 and in August 2011, both times for three days after I've been in London for a few days. Both trips had a Torchwood background, but more in the "meeting friends" sense than in the overly fannish sense, because I wasn't really in the fandom anymore at those times.

The first time I visited Cardiff with a friend, we came from London and spent one day just sightseeing in Cardiff. We went around the city with the bus, went for a walk at the bay, visited the Millennium Centre, the castle and the museum. The next day we met up with friends from the Torchwood fandom (Hysterical Women) and visited the Ianto shrine, the Plass, the Doctor Who exhibit and in the evening we went to the Buffalo Bar for a truly great Blue Gillespie concert.

The best thing about this trip was that Sherlock had just been on TV and I was a fan already. After we were in Cardiff I finally found out that many scenes had been filmed there, like the one in the museum where we'd just been! :D

The second time I went to a Cardiff for a reunion, many people of last year's group were there again. We "refreshed" the shrine, had lots of fun going to dinner together, took the water taxi and went to Bute Park (had a picnic there), went shopping in the city... it was wonderful. The next day we rented two cars and actually dared to drive to the Brecon Beacons. That was an adventure! We visited "Torchwood castle" and found the spot in the Beacons where they filmed the cannibal episode. A very surreal moment, but it was also breathtakingly beautiful up there. From there we decided to go to the sea and drove to Swansea, where we had our farewell dinner.

I really like Cardiff, the atmosphere there is great, and I'll happily return - mabye next year. :)

I remember my time in Cardiff very fondly. The company might have something do with it. Experiencing Cardiff with other Torchwood fans certainly makes it better.

Strangely enough, the best memory is of all of us (three grown-up women and one teenage girl) screaming our head off because we found a spider in our room. We spent hours laughing about that.

So yeah, I remember that it was a very relaxed trip and well worth repeating.

Three times.

Ok, the first was actually a fairly long story, but I was passing through the UK very quickly, and I came in Sunday and left on Monday with my friend, a bit DW fan who tolerated my Torchwood obsession. We went to the shrine and the plas first thing and took at least a hundred pictures of everything.

The next day we did St. Fagan's and Cardiff Castle before leaving for London.

The second time was during my term abroad and I came for a weekend (Friday-Monday) and I did the National Museum Wales, Castell Coch, Caerphilly Castle, a morning at the shrine, Bute park and a lot of wandering.

The last time was with you - I came in for the day and we did the Doctor Who tour and hung out with the guide and the group until I had to catch the last bus back to London.

Everything was the best. No, really. I've always sort of let Cardiff happen without much of a plan (except the tour) so I was never late and I always had an enjoyable time.

Late to the party:

Been... er... I've lost count how many times now, actually.

Barrowman in panto in 2006, and did Doctor Who Experience and various other geeky stuff including discovering a Doctor Who relics/merchandise/autographed/rarities stall in an antiques centre. And Forbidden Planet. And got the unofficial Doctor Who/Torchwood guided tour from Mike Collins, who's one of the graphic novel artists for Doctor Who and shadowbyrd's cousin, so we stayed at his and he showed us his first draft drawings for stuff with Ten and Martha.

Barrowman in panto again... early 2010. January 2nd, failed to actually manage to see him that trip because all the trains locked up and shadowbyrd didn't arrive in time, but I managed to switch the tickets to two weeks later so we went back. Think we stayed with her cousins again that time, and he showed us his drawings for Matt Smith, and we all geeked out about Neil Gaiman being announced as one of the writers. And we did Doctor Who Experience again to see what had changed.

I've been a couple of times independently of that, to visit other people down there and just to go for events or things. Been to the shrine a few times, left a note once explaining simply why it's important to me. Done history!geek things like the castle and promptly gone, "Oh, the tunnels down here are familiar. They were in *this* episode...", done gay!things like accidentally stumbling into a gay bar (I can find them anywhere. It's a handy skill), done fic research things like timing journeys between places and finding sneaky little places here there and everywhere.

So yeah. Wandered, done cool/geeky/expensive things, come back with far more than I went down with every time.

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