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The Brecon Beacons

Has Torchwood affected your interest in the Brecon Beacons at all? Do the canibals put you off, or are you interested in spite of them?

Poll #1826987 Visiting the Beacons

Do you want to visit the Brecon Beacons National Park?

If it's easy to get to

The Shrine

The Shrine has come up in a few comments so far, and seems like a popular place to visit. So the question for this week is: What do you think of the Shrine? Have you been to it/do you want to go to it? Would you leave something or have you left something - and what is it/would it be?

What does Ianto's Shrine mean to you?
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Holiday stories

I just checked the poll results (thank you so much to everyone who's filled it in. You're all awesome) and it looks like about half of the peoplke who've responded have visited Cardiff for Torchwood.

I'm wondering, then, if people would be prepared to share memories of their trips. Even if I was there with you, I still want to know what it was like. There's some stuff come up in the recs post that I've never even heard of (and if you didn't go and recommend things to do, you definitely should). What was awesome, and what was rubbish? And what was the best thing ever?
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Things to see in Cardiff

To liven this place up a bit, now I've returned from the annual spring clean that ate me, it's time for a discussion post. I know, I spoil you all.

So, I'd like to know what your top five or ten or fifty things to do in Cardiff are. What you came and did and why you think other people should do it, or what you want to do when you come to Cardiff. Anything you can think of, especially if you've found something cool and obscure.
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Motivation survey

This is the first survey.

ETA: Where there's a scale for ranking, 1 is least important and 10 is most important. Thanks to those who pointed this out to me.

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If you can, please use the comments to explain a little of your reasons for your answers. Detailed poll results are only available to me.


This community is here to house the research I'm carrying out for my third year dissertation. It will remain here for those interested after I'm finished. Anonymous posting and commenting is allowed, but I would ask that you give me some means to identify you if you're commenting anonymously, so that I can tie comments to results.

My research project is on the influence of Torchwood on tourists' reasons for visiting Cardiff. As a result, it's Torchwood-inspired visits that I'm primarily interested in, but I'm also interested in non-Torchwood inspired visits that include Torchwood activities.

I need as many responses as possible, so please pass this to as many Torchwood fans as you can, join or watch the community to see future posts, and feel free to ask me about anything that's unclear.